Video Quick Tip – The All New MapEdge 2.0!

Welcome to another ParcelQuest Video Quick Tip!

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to set mapEdge 2.0 as your default Map Viewer along with how to use the main features in mapEdge 2.0.

Please note – this video quick tip is meant to hi-light some of the main features in mapEdge 2.0. If you’d like more detailed instructions after watching this video, please make use of the mapEdge 2.0 User Guide which you can access from the ‘Help’ section within mapEdge 2.0.

Unlike our first mapEdge program that was launched a number of years ago, mapEdge 2.0 is compatible with ALL internet web browsers. In this tutorial, I’ll be using Google Chrome.

  • Set mapEdge 2.0 as the default Map Viewer (1:05) 
  • Run a search and open an APN Map (1:40)
  • Zoom In/Out/Full Extent (2:45)
  • Measure & Highlight (3:30)
  • Add Arrows to the Map (7:40)
  • Drawing History (8:45)

Don’t forget to make use of the MapEdge 2.0 user guide by clicking the Online Help button. I would recommend going over this manual when you have a moment since there are additional features that aren’t covered in this video tutorial.

Thanks for watching!

About parcelquest

ParcelQuest is the sole provider of daily updated county assessor property data in California. We cover every county and every parcel – all 13 million properties – continually updated by the county assessors’ offices.
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