This video tutorial is the third and final in our series geared towards basic searching examples and looking at the different ways you can get to the Navigator map. In this video, we’ll look at how the Geography search works.

  • For this search, you have two options for bringing up the map. There is the Section, Township and Range lookup or a search by latitude and longitude.
  • Either of these search types can be helpful in locating a parcel if you do not know its typical information such as the APN, address or owner name.
  • You also may just enjoy working with maps and finding things the old fashioned way. If so, the Geography search is for you.
  • Let’s start by seeing how the Section, Township and Range search works. First we’ll choose an option from each drop down box including the meridian where the parcel is located. For this example, let’s go with Section 35 in Township 11N and Range 11E in the Mount Diablo Meridian.
  • You should now see the red section outline showing up on the map. You can also click on the pushpin to verify the location information as well as link to the corresponding BLM maps.
  • Finally, let’s locate the parcel we were looking for and activate it.
  • The other search option you have is using latitude and longitude coordinates. There are several format choices available, which are shown to the right of the search area as well as in the user guide, but for this example let’s use decimal degrees. (38.758275, -120.709190)
  • Now when the map comes up, you should get a pushpin showing where the coordinates intersect.
  • As we did in our last search, let’s activate our subject parcel by clicking where the pushpin is located and verify the owner.

Thanks for watching!

About parcelquest

ParcelQuest is the sole provider of daily updated county assessor property data in California. We cover every county and every parcel – all 13 million properties – continually updated by the county assessors’ offices.
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