Find My Parcels!

This video tutorial is the second in our series geared towards basic searching examples and looking at the different ways you can get to the Navigator map. In this video, we’ll look at how the Find My Parcels search works.

  • What you will probably notice first about the Find My Parcels section is that occupies the majority of the search page. This is due to the fact that this search looks directly at our Assessor data so here is where you will have the most search options available.
  • The available categories are Ownership, Address, Assessment, Sales and Characteristics.
  • By using one or more fields in these sections, you can search for specific property information based on what the county has entered in their database.
  • Your search could be as simple as a single APN lookup that gets you one selected parcel on the map. Let’s bring up parcel 069-0390-044 in Sacramento County.
  • On the other hand, you may have multiple criteria entered that results in several hundred matches. Now let’s search only in the city of Sacramento for properties with an assessed value greater than $300,000 that sold in the last six months and have three bedrooms and two bathrooms.
  • Now you should see a summary of search results so you can confirm what you’ve entered before viewing the properties. First, there are the fields listed that we searched, followed by the criteria we entered and finally, the number of results found for each individual field. Then, at the bottom of the list, there is a Total Found count that shows the number of results where all criteria matched.
  • You also have the option of whether or not you want the Navigator map to display with your list of results. Let’s leave it checked and click View Results.

So there you have the mapped results and down below is the list.

Oh, and by the way, please check out our video covering various search tips and tricks so you can make the most of finding your parcels.

Thanks for watching!

About parcelquest

ParcelQuest is the sole provider of daily updated county assessor property data in California. We cover every county and every parcel – all 13 million properties – continually updated by the county assessors’ offices.
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