Get Me Close!

This video tutorial will be the first in a series geared towards basic searching examples and looking at the different ways you can get to the Navigator map. In this video, we’ll look at how the Get Me Close search works.

  •  The three basic options for this search are an address, cross streets or point of interest. Let’s use each one as a different way to get to the same place on the map.
  • For an address, let’s search for 4141 Audubon Dr Camino CA. Note that this search is not case sensitive, punctuation is not required and you don’t even need a full address. In fact, this search works the same as a search with Google Maps so you can technically go anywhere in the world but keep in mind that we only have parcel data for California.
  • Now let’s go to the Navigator map and see how close we get. Then if you left click to turn on the parcel where the pushpin is located, you’ll see that we’ve found our address.
  • For the second example, let’s get close to the property by using two cross streets in the area. We’ll search for North Canyon Rd and Audubon Dr. The key here is that you need an “and” separating the two streets.
  • Also, when searching by cross streets, you typically won’t need any more criteria than the street names since this is a fairly unique combination. However, if you’re ending up in Saskatchewan or downtown Omaha, you may need to add a city or state.
  • Now when the map comes up, the pushpin should be where the two streets intersect so you will then need to use the satellite map to visually locate your parcel.
  • For our last example, let’s get back to the same area by using a point of interest search. We’ll search for Larsen Reservoir in Camino.
  • As with the cross street search, you may need to add more specific criteria if you’re being taken somewhere else in the world. Also note that in order to search by a location, it will need to have a label on the Google map.

So now there’s the map with the pushpin over the reservoir and again, using the satellite imagery, you can visually locate your parcel and click on it.

Thanks for watching!

About parcelquest

ParcelQuest is the sole provider of daily updated county assessor property data in California. We cover every county and every parcel – all 13 million properties – continually updated by the county assessors’ offices.
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